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Petroleum Price
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Petroleum Price Data

Weekly Survey (WPPS)

MJ Ervin & Associates conducts a weekly survey of prices for retail gasoline, diesel, propane, and furnace fuel in about 60 different Canadian cities. The survey is made available on our website at approximately 3:00 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday every week. 

***The Weekly Pump Price Survey (WPPS) can now be delivered directly to your inbox.  If you wish to receive the WPPS each Tuesday after it has been posted to our site, please click “here”.***

Click here to view/download the current weekly survey (WPPS)

Fuel prices presented on this website are done with funding provided by the Government of Canada. These prices are used to support the analysis available at the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Fuel Focus website, available at

Monthly Report of Petroleum Pricing in Canada

MJ Ervin & Associates (a division of The Kent Group) would like to introduce our new “Monthly Report of Petroleum Pricing in Canada”. This report provides in-depth analysis of crude, wholesale and retail pump prices in Canada. To view the report (in English or French) please click "here".

Petroleum Prices

MJ Ervin & Associates has an extensive database of current and historical petroleum retail prices, wholesale prices, refiner and marketer gross margin analysis, taxation histories, and crude oil postings.

Margins provide an indication of the relative effects of crude prices, taxes, and refining and marketing “mark-up” or gross margin, on the final consumer price.

To view current and historical price information, please use the tables below (please enable pop-ups for our site - if you have the Google toolbar installed you will need to enable pop-ups on this toolbar also).

  • Unleaded
  • Midgrade
  • Premium
  • Diesel
  • Crude
  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Furnace Oil
  • Leaded
  • Taxation


To view a detailed description of the methodologies used to collect and compile our petroleum data, please click "here".

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